Baby Sadie Has Arrived!!

Baby Sadie presented herself with perfect timing. Everyone knows that you can’t schedule a birth; not the timing, the birth experience, or the health of the newborn, but she managed to do everything right. For us, her grandparents. I’m sure Jenna and Kenny would have appreciated if she had arrived on her due date, and that they would have endured a shorter labor, but, no, Sadie wanted an extra week. This way, she would be only four days old when we meet.

Are you my Daddy?

Day one at home snuggles

On Christmas Day, Kenny announced to the whole family “we have a Christmas present, but you can’t see it until August”. At that moment, we began this journey of delighted anticipation. But how do you even express the absolute joy of seeing and holding a baby that is the perfect product of your own child and his beloved wife? There’s the relief that the infant’s health is flawless, the mother survived the ordeal smoothly, and the home is prepared for the new person. All of this is insignificant compared to the potential you witness. The energy surrounding the birth of a human is monumental. She now has an entire life of possibilities that we will witness, and the development of our son into a parent is equally huge.
Kenny’s first day home 28 years ago
And Jenna, our dear daughter in law, has begun the journey she has been seeking for most of her life.

Yes, we were over the moon. And having Lindsay and Erica come for a long visit with us almost put us in that spaceship.
Meeting Pops and Meme

My girls
Team Weigel
A natural

The sisters have the touch
Squeezed in a fabulous visit with all ten of us at Moosehead Lake

Charlie is another new baby in the family and Sarah is the perfect guide
First bath

Sarah and Annie came for a visit
Family beach day
Toes in the sand
We visited Papa, my Dad, and saw that he was practicing writing Sadie

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