Three More Weeks of the Açores

We have decided that the Açores is officially our favorite cruising area. The people, wine, cheese, topography, weather, and cost add up to the best of the best. Here is a photo journal of four of the nine islands.
Horta on Faial:

Here is our marina from the plane

Alembic sandwiched between a British and French boat
Gorgeous natural cove
Hiking out a peninsula
A band outside
A band inside
Getting a tooth repaired

Bill’s design for Alembic

Twenty miles east is Velas on São Jorge:
The Matador excites the bull at the bull fight

Two Teams, one from Portugal, one from California, parade around at the start
The Cavaleiros is ready
The Portuguese Team gives a gift
The forcados tame the bull with their hands
Creeping to the edge for a picture below
Looking straight down gives you the butterflies
The cliff from the side

Bill stands away from the edge
Hydrangeas are everywhere

An awesome surf camp
This person must have been tiny!
Mamas tending their young
The farmer’s home
Beachside huts
Another ornate church

Alembic is the fifth one down the line

Another 52 miles east is Angra do Heroismo on Terceira:
A spectacular waterfall

The succulents are Huge!
Bouganvillea Archway
This fern stood like a palm tree
We stayed in the anchorage
Old fashioned dancers
This church had many functions over the years, one being a hospital

The marina was full; we are the one on the right
Blue Yonder and Alembic shared many harbors together

David and Marilyn of Blue Yonder
Our favorite Tea spot shaded on the sidewalk
The Madona led a parade while we were in Terceira
The cathedral artifacts survived an earthquake and a fire

Whaleboat race

The cliffs make a nice backdrop
We head to the Corrida a Corda (running by rope)

This bull is on a rope held by 6 men
They push the poor thing over the wall
He comes out unharmed, ready to charge
Back on Alembic for more projects
Exploring Algar do Carvão, a lava tube
Amazing roof of cave
Volcanic vent
Enormous Cathedral

Anchored beside us was Pinocchio, a Canadian family with seven children sailing the world

Saying Goodbye to Blue Yonder, who we have traveled with since Bermuda

One Hundred Miles southeast is Ponta Delgada on São Miguel:

Jenny and Simon on Fenicia

Bill and Laurie from Toodle-Oo
An Italian training ship Amerigo Vespucci lit up beside us
silly art
More Churches
Horseback in the rain

A natural Hot Spring
My hydrangea garden home

Bill’s tiny stone house
Practicing snuggling an infant
A delightful Polish family was on a boat beside Alembic
Bill helped on Flying
Flying’s spreaders needed to come down for replacement
Captain David and his son Albert helped from below
Saying Goodbye to the Açores

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