Projects in Saint Martin

We had a few days between Cay and George’s departure and Liz’s arrival. While we at times felt overwhelmed with the projects we wanted to do on Alembic, surveying our neighbors’ vessels put everything into perspective. We were doing preventative maintenance and boat improvements, while so many other folks were facing far larger tasks.

We removed the wedges, off to the right, and poured Spar Tite to keep the mast steady
Rudder Post looks great
Spreader Boots on the Mizzen Mast

Bill and I had heavy hearts when we dinghied around the lagoon and witnessed the devastation of so many boats and land structures. People had thought this landlocked lagoon would provide protection from the storms, but Hurricane Irma could not to be tamed by mountains or seawalls. Winds of almost 200 miles per hour slammed the island and in the next two weeks Hurricanes Jose and Maria dumped heavy rains on all the damage. Many people are still waiting to see what insurance is available. Huge amounts of debris, on land and in the lagoon, still sits untouched.

Mud and barnacle encrusted boat
Ironic names: Silent Dream and Wild Woman
Half Gone
Schooner pile up
More sad situations
Mega Yachts are not immune to tragedy
All roofs and masts are gone
Lost Dreams

Hearing the stories of the locals was moving. Everyone was affected. Neighbors were helping neighbors, schools had resumed, businesses were being rebuilt. But some folks were simply giving up. Those with money could walk away and start again here or elsewhere, leaving their ruined properties where they lay.
One woman, Leandra, lost her family restaurant and found out that the insurance didn’t exist after all. With her husband, two year old, and baby on the way, she made the best of it and started a wonderful business selling food and drinks on the beach! Leandra was full of positivity and hope for her beloved island.

Leandra is starting over on the beach

Alembic sits among the destruction and we are so very grateful for all we have.

Alembic sits in the lagoon, ready for anything.

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