Cutting the Tap Root

We finally did it!  We cut the tap root.  You know, the huge root that keeps the tree standing tall, drinking the ground water.  You can cut a lot of roots around a tree, by mistake or on purpose, and the tree still stands strong, growing more roots as fast as you cut the old ones.  But that tap root is so thick, so difficult to sever.  We were deeply rooted in Maine.  We raised our kids, built careers and solid friendships in this gorgeous setting.  But the drive to explore our earth, and to challenge our minds, was overwhelming the drive to stay.

Roots cut earlier:  Kenny, Lindsay, and Erica left our home, but not our hearts, to spread their wings in college and beyond; we sold our home in York and dispersed of 25 years of accumulations; and we left our jobs that had fulfilled us for so many years.  Of course each of these cuts was not so permanent.  The kids are in touch every day, following our GPS tracking while we follow their updates of progress into adulthood.  We still have our Mt Abram camp which holds way too much clutter, yet to be permanently dispersed.  And we still are connected to the people and projects of our careers, looking forward to working again in some capacity.

When a tree gets transplanted after the tap root is cut, it struggles to regain it’s strength.  More nutrients, water, and support lines are needed in order for it to grow again.  We are in this phase.  We are struggling with goodbyes and challenged by the systems of Alembic.  But every day brings new experiences that solidify our decision to go on this journey.  We look forward to spreading our branches and growing in ways that humans were supposed to grow.

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